Contact Visitation and Other Reasons


Contact visitation is accommodated within the premises of TDCJ and even held outdoors if the weather is suitable.  There is usually a 60-day confinement prior to eligibility to accept contact visits (30-day confinement of state jail offenders).  While waiting for the eligibility to take place, you can always conduct a general visit instead.

This type of visit is restricted only to the immediate family of the offender, or any approved non-immediate family members.  This can only get revoked if  the offender is undergoing a certain disciplinary process or under an administrative suspension.


Your loved one may also accept visitors for other important reasons such as:

       mental contact visits of the psychiatrists

       if the offender is under a transient or safekeeping status

       media visits (scheduled through Public Information Office)

The offender may not be allowed to accept contact or general visits when:

       under pre-hearing detention

       under lockdown status

       on solitary confinement,

       on administrative segregation

       under death-throw (no contact visits)

You may also get more information about other visitation categories by visiting the special visitation arrangements of the facility, contact the Ombudsman Visitation Hotline at (936) 437-4927 or dial through toll-free (844) 476-1289 for any inquiries.

For offenders on death row, you may want to visit the official TDCJ Death Row Information web page for the comprehensive details about the list of offenders on the queue for execution and other important items.