Corpus Christi is located in Nueces County in southern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico coast. This is an area with increasing cases of COVID-19 and as such the City implemented several policies including cancelling all in-person hearings and trials with some being conducted via video conference, encouraging resolution of cases online, and no issuing any new warrants (Corpus Christi, 2020). However, they did not report any changes to the operation of the City Detention Center.

Nueces County Jail has suspended all visitation by families (Nueces County Sheriff, 2020; Nueces County Jail, 2020). This is in part due to the Governor’s order but also likely due to the 97% infection rate reported on July 6, 2020 in one dormitory of the Jail Annex (Rodriguez, 2020). At least 50 sheriff employees were also infected. The communities around Corpus Christi have one of the largest outbreaks including a high number of hospitalizations that are overwhelming the hospital system (KIII Staff, 2020; Gamio, Mervosh, & Collins, 2020). They did not provide information on how attorneys or hearing are conducted but this is likely through limited in-person and primarily video conferencing.

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