While completing the intake eligibility process, the offender is asked to submit a visitor list of ten people that he allows, indicating their name, physical address, and phone number, his relationship with the person , and the purpose of visiting the offender.  As a visitor, you cannot request for your name to be included in the list, it is the offender who can only request your inclusion.  Until the intake processing and offender classification gets completed, no visitation will take place.

If you have a criminal history and you want to visit a loved one in a TDCJ facility, the offender can still include you on the visitation list, provided that the purpose of the visit is indicated in the form.  Be aware, though, that before your name gets approved, there will be thorough reviews of your history like the extent of your criminal record and the time that has lapsed since your offense.

Visitors List

Offenders can regularly update the visitor’s list periodically.  Updating the list can include a change in the contact information of the visitor, or additions/deletion of names in the list.  

Institutional offenders can update the list every six months, while state jail offenders can do it every two months.  Any changes that need to be outside the periodical schedule, the offender can still request an update through the Placement on Visitors List form at any time.