Managing COVID-19 Infections in Harris County Jail

Harris County Jail manages the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston as well as the Joint Processing Center. Harris County Sheriff provides jail services for the City of Houston. Harris County Sheriff implemented the following measures to manage COVID-19 infections within the jail.

First measure is to […]

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Tarrant County Jail Visitation Information

The City of Fort Worth contracts with the City of Mansfield Law Enforcement Center (Mansfield LEC) for jail services. Mansfield LEC has suspended all in-person visitation (effective date not provided) (Mansfield Police, 2020). Attorneys only have visitation through visitation phones in the jail lobby.

Tarrant County Jail […]

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Unclear COVID-19 Guidance at Lew Sterrett Justice Facility

The City of Dallas uses the Dallas County Jails and appears to primarily use the Lew Sterrett Justice Facility. Dallas County Jail is currently being sued by a correctional officer, which is likely to be joined by representatives of inmates due to inconsistent and unclear guidance on how […]

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Corpus Christi COVID 19 News

Corpus Christi is located in Nueces County in southern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico coast. This is an area with increasing cases of COVID-19 and as such the City implemented several policies including cancelling all in-person hearings and trials with some being conducted via video […]

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