Periods of Visitation

Visitation at any TDCJ facility is available during weekends from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., with a weekly cycle from Monday to Sunday, which normally allows offenders to receive one visit per weekly cycle.  The visit is generally allowed for two hours from the arrival of the offender in the visiting area.

During high visitation demands, the director can extend the visitation period hours, or even include Friday as well.  Make sure to check the Unit Visitation Schedule on the TDCJ website to confirm the current visitation period

Frequency of Visits

Offenders are usually allowed to accept a visitor per week and may change depending on the current status of the offender or of the facility.  It is still best to confirm if you can visit on a certain weekend by contacting the unit for verification using the unit phone numbers available, or through the Visitation hotline mentioned.

Below is the standard visitation frequency being observed at the TDCJ.

Visits on Holidays

Should you want to make your visit on a holiday, this is possible if you request in advance.  TDCJ accommodates requests for visits during holidays, except Christmas day, that falls on a Monday or Friday.  You can send your visit through the warden’s office at least one day in advance, but not over seven days prior to the desired date of visit.

How Many Visitors Can You Bring Along?

All offenders are allowed to accept two adult visitors per session.  If in case that you will need to accompany a minor, this is not counted from the two allowable visitors, but should read the rules on the visitor at the age of minority.